The best way to get a deeper understanding of your business and "what is the best solution / options?", a professional consultation is a safe and efficient way to help you make decisions. This can later lead into what type of branding/franchising or type of operations is most suitable for your business.

As each business is unique, CIC FNB offers a customized consultation services depending on the business needs. This includes operational assessment (for existing restaurants), market feasibility, sales and development advice, or a full-scale service for development of concept to menu design, interior design and operation preopening-setup. This can be by project basis or long-term consultation service which covers design and conceptual phrase to operation.

Our team is well experienced in consultation projects, which is not limited to restaurants but also includes hotels, condominiums, hotel residences, retail, leisure mixed-used developments and other type of real estate projects in countries including South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Japan, and Mainland China.


Operation Assessment
Includes analysis of existing operation of F&B business and provides solution to optimize efficiency and reduce costs that may incur due 
to inefficient management.

Market Feasibility

Market Feasibility

A comprehensive consultation service of a new development, 
which includes site analysis, demand and supply analysis, and financial projections of investment and Profit & Loss statement.

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

Provide assessment of existing revenue stream and offer solution to increase the top line as well as marketing outlets. This includes proposing revenue optimization  strategies and marketing channels.

Management Contract

With our expertise in developing and running several F&B outlets and other hospitality-related industry, we offer management services for existing operation. This includes adjustment of existing outlet to optimize revenue and lower costs, as well as having a centralized tracking system to ensure transparent and efficient management. Some of our scope of work for management service includes:

  • Construction Management

  • Pre-opening set-up

  • Hiring / Training employees to comply with standard operating procedures

  • Developing/upgrading food and beverage menu

  • Purchasing & Procurement

  • Finance & Accounting


With our established brands, we offer opportunities to franchise our restaurants worldwide, and we will manage it for you! Our restaurants also work on several collaborations with other brands to feature in our outlets. The services in franchising agreement includes the right to use our brands, transfer of know-how and technical skills, as well as centralized procurement, marketing and administrative department