Brand Development (logo & merchandise design)

In order to create a strong identity that is associated with each brand, brand development is necessary. Strong brand image leads to brand awareness, which create loyalty and positive reference and value to the products and services provided. Brand development includes everything from strengthening the brand identity through strong visualization, choosing the appropriate representative and distribution channel, as well as creating relevant content to the brand.



All visual content must align with the brand image and personality. This include design products used in-house!


Media is the most essential platform for increasing publicity in the short-term. This includes the brand's individual media channels via social network. Therefore, carefully selected media channel to the correct target demand can drive growth sustainably and efficiently. Some of the media CIC FNB has worked with includes TV shows, dramas, magazines as well as governmental organizations, and our company an advise you on how to launch your new outlet or increase current publicity.

TV Show & Commercial
TV Show & Commercial

Mass Media Publicity

Online Magazine
Online Magazine

Niche Market Publicity

Drama Shooting
Drama Shooting

Indirect Publicity

In-house Publicity
In-house Publicity

Social Media

Product Placement

Working in collaborations with other products / brands can be a good way to increase publicity and value. CIC FNB works with several brands that have common target market to our existing customers. This includes product placement within restaurants as well producing our own F&B products that can be distributed in other offline and online stores.